Proper Care and Feeding of Your Ukulele

Hey! What exactly is a set-up, anyway? Why does my ukulele buzz? How do I fix it? What does my ukulele want from me? Mim will be breaking down the mysterious “set-up” everyone talks about! She will lead you in an informative workshop that will cover everything from changing your strings and daily ukulele maintenance to diagnosing ukulele problems and even fixing them yourself! You are invited to not only come with questions but to ask them as we go along! No question too small, because most-likely, someone else in the class was wondering the same thing! With Mim’s 7 years of experience setting up ukuleles, you are bound to learn a few new tricks!  This workshop has been called “Empowering”!  There is no other workshop quite like it on the ukulele circuit!


Kids Workshops

With a stock-pile of ukuleles dedicated to beginner Workshops, kids will learn on a nicely set up, comfortable ukulele!  They will learn the basics of holding an ukulele, strumming an ukulele, and starter chords!  Mim tries to teach using songs that they can have fun with and relate to (songs change depending on what is on the pop music charts at the time)!  In the end, they will have smiles on their faces as they feel like successful music-makers!  We sing, we dance, we use the ukulele for some percussion breaks, and we have a really great time!  There is also a Karaoke element where Mim plays some of the kids’ favorite songs and, venue permitting, they get to have on-stage experience performing for an audience!  There are so many options when it comes to working with kids, collaborate with Mim to create a workshop suited to the needs of your event!

Adult & Teen Beginner Workshops

Mim brings the ukes for participants to borrow, you provide the teens and adults, and Mim teaches them to play ukulele!  It is as simple as that!  This is catered to all skill levels.  No string instrument experience required!  But experience is ok too, and experienced players are helpful to the beginners in the group!  We start from the absolute basics, such as tuning, holding an ukulele, strumming an ukulele, and starter chords.  We use a wide range of popular songs, and by the end of every workshop, everyone is a music maker!  It is so much fun to watch the faces of people who go from never having played an instrument, to feeling like they can tackle the ukulele, in just one workshop!


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